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Common Vocabulary at Crabapple Martial Arts Academy

Common Things You Will Hear at Crabapple Martial Arts Academy

and what they mean…

Welcome to Crabapple Martial Arts Academy!  We are beyond excited to welcome you to our Crabapple Martial Arts Academy community.  As you begin your Black Belt Journey as a new student, I am sure you have heard a ton of new things when you have come to class.  So we have comprised a short list of some of the common words/terminology you will hear and learn in your Basic Introductory Karate class.

You may also download a printout to add to your notebook or put on your refrigerator at home to help you learn these terms.

(Download Here)
Common Basic Japanese Vocabulary

Numbers in Japanese

          1. Ichi
          2. Ni
          3. San
          4. Shi
          5. Go
          6. Roku
          7. Shichi
          8. Hachi
          9. Ku
          10. Ju

Common Commands/Directions

Migi                           Right
Hidari                       Left
Jodan                        Up/High
Gedan                       Down/Lower
Chudan                     Middle/Center
Hajime                      Begin/Start
Yame (Ya-May)       Stop
Matte (Ma-Tay)      Wait/Pause

Common Stances/Positions

Dachi                        Stance
Heisoko Dachi        Formal Stance
Misubi Dachi          Informal (V) Stance
Yoi Dachi                 Ready Stance
Kiba Dachi              Horse Stance
Zenkutsu Dachi     Front Stance

Common Basic Techniques

Geri                           Kick
Mae Geri                  Front Kick
Yoko Geri                 Side Kick
Mawashi Geri          Round Kick
Tsuki (Zuki)             Punch
Uke                            Block



alpharetta-karate-black-belt and Crabapple Martial Arts Academy has been selected the nation’s #1 martial arts schools for SIX YEARS IN A ROW by the American Budokai International and The Professional Association of Martial Arts Instructors (PAMAI)!

Founded in 2013 by Mr. C. Matthew White a 5th degree Black Belt in Karate and 6th degree Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu, and Master Instructor, Crabapple Martial Arts and Karate lessons for pre-school children ages 4-6 and elementary age kids ages 7 and up are designed to develop the critical building blocks kids need – specialized for their age group – for school excellence and later success in life.

Crabapple Martial Arts Adult Karate training is a complete adult fitness and conditioning program for adults who want to lose weight, get (and stay in shape) or learn self-defense in a supportive environment.

Instructors can answer questions or be contacted 24 hours or the day, 7 days a week at or call directly at 770-645-0930. You can also visit our website at

About C. Matthew White, Renshi:  Matt is a fifth degree black belt in a traditional Japanese and Okinawan Martial Arts – Shuri Ryu Karatedo and also a sixth degree black belt in Japanese Jiu Jitsu – Shintoyoshin Kai Jiu Jitsu, and is a master instructor with a title of Renshi, which means Scholar in Japanese.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Physiology. He has been training and teaching martial arts for over 27 years and has owned Crabapple Martial Arts Academy since 2013. Renshi White is a motivational speaker and educator and teaches seminars in bullying, business, and martial arts training, around the world.

Crabapple Martial Arts Academy Headquarters is in Alpharetta, Georgia at 12315 Crabapple Road., Suite 124, Alpharetta GA 30004. You can locate the Chief Instructor, Sensei Robert Reed there directly at (770) 645-0930.

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