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Don’t Let Them Quit


“A child born of the fire, will not suffer the heat of life.”
– Victor Marx


Recently, I was listening to a podcast during my morning workout as I often do, and I heard a quote that struck me to my absolute core.  This quote gave words to the work I have done all these years with my students and why we are so passionate about how we serve our students.  This quote by Victor Marx while speaking about his horrific upbringing has stuck with me ever since because it is truly based in truth.

“A child born of the fire (or put through the fire) will not suffer the heat of life.”

So let me explain…

As many of our students are aware, our Black Belt tests are tremendously challenging, but not only is the test itself extremely difficult, but the process to qualify for the test is long and arduous.  As a matter of fact, we often say that when a student is testing for their Black Belt, they are “put through the fire.”  This is to illustrate that the process of becoming a Black Belt is not supposed to be easy; it is supposed to change us at our very core.  As they say, the strongest metal is forged in the hottest fire.  So, too is our understanding of ourselves.

When we go through adversity, we learn what we are truly capable of accomplishing, so long as we do not quit.  The harder the task, the more worthwhile the outcome.  Additionally, when we persevere through challenges, we learn how to keep our heads up and push ourselves.  We learn that we cannot be beaten unless we give up.

A common thread I hear from parents of students here at Crabapple Martial Arts Academy, is that a student has “lost interest” or that they don’t have the “passion” for it, or some other false flag.  Through my 30+ years of experience, in nearly 100% of cases, it is because the student is having to do something hard.  It is common psychology for humans to look for the easy way through life.  Efficiency is often the buzz word of the day.  But it is just a reluctance to be uncomfortable and persevere.

Our job as parents is to guide our children to be amazing adults.  We are called to teach our children how to not only manage life but thrive in life without us.  Be strong independent humans.  In order to succeed at this monumental task, we must not allow our children to quit.  We must allow them to suffer through adversity while they are young and can learn how to cope and manage stress.  This also teaches the children how to persevere and see things through.

When we allow a child to quit, we are teaching them that when something becomes challenging, you can quit and move on.  The problem with this is we end up with young adults with a trail behind them of incomplete pursuits and having never learned what it takes to succeed in life.

Finally, and the most important aspect of this, when a child goes through adversity, such as a Black Belt test, or a challenging teacher at school, they learn how to cope and overcome challenges.  These lessons are so important because life is full of challenges that, as parents, we must prepare our children to overcome.  If we rob them of this adversity, then we are robbing our children of learning how to cope with life’s many challenges and disappointments.

I wish you all success and happiness in life.  Remember we cannot see the rainbow without enduring the storm first.

See you on the mat,

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