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Rebecca Stauffer

We have been attending Crabapple Martial Arts for over 2 years now and have the ability to train with our kids. We have enjoyed the benefits of our training from self-discipline and self-discovery to fitness and self-defense all of which translates into a changed way of life. The owner and staff are passionate, patient, caring and skilled. We are blessed to be part of the Crabapple Martial Arts Family.

Megan Zavieh

Our family loves this dojo! Great instruction, super positive experiences from the youngest to the oldest, and a great community of students and instructors.

Christine Scholeck

Crabapple Martial Arts has been such a positive experience in the last three and a half years that my son has been going here! He has learned life lessons as well as leadership skills and of course, karate and all of it's awesome benefits!! Crabapple Martial Arts Academy has definitely had a positive effect on his life!

Nancy Duncan

My Grandson is benefitting in so many ways from the hard work and dedication of the staff at Crabapple Martial Arts. Thank you!

Tara Ericson

It has been such a pleasure to partner with the awesome teachers & leaders at Crabapple Martial Arts Academy for the past 5 years of my son's Karate training. I have watched my son's confidence grow and leadership skill develop through this awesome program. We found a home in this Dojo!

Jesenia Lopez-Flores

We love Crabapple Martial Arts Academy, everyone there was so patient with my six year old daughter who is ASD. This Dojo is awesome!

Dickson Hand

Sensei Matt has been teaching my family for over five years. Both my wife (who has worked very hard to earn her black belt) and my children have benefited immensely from Sensei Matt's teaching over the years. This is not a belt mill. In this discipline, you will not be promoted just for attending, you will work and earn your belts. It will be a challenge that will contribute to your or your child's confidence, self-esteem and ability to defend his or herself should the need arise. Sensei Matt's ability to incorporate discipline, skill and fun for them is invaluable. For my family, the Martial Arts (and Okinawan Shuri-Ryu in particular) is more than just an activity. It is a way of life, combining physical skills, honor, integrity and loyalty that contribute to the overall growth of the individual. I would recommend Sensei Matt and his school, Crabapple Martial Arts, to any parent or adult that would like to bring more of these qualities to their or their children's lives.

Courtney Sirotin

I have tried to expose my son, who has special needs, to many sports but he has always left them feeling poorly about himself because of his inability to keep up with his peers. Sometimes this has also resulted in behavior problems while trying to participate in a sport. Sensei Matt worked with me before my son ever entered the dojo to understand my child's situation and to prepare for my son's first experiences with karate. Sensei Matt will work with my son privately as well as in the group setting depending on my son's current situation. He is consistent with his high expectations for my son and holds him accountable for his actions in a fair and respectful way while also being fun and approachable. My son ends every session with a "Sensei hug" and clearly loves and appreciates his teacher. That said, my son has been very challenged in the dojo both physically and all the best ways. If I could duplicate this at home 24/7 my son would be in a very good place. I do my best and watch Sensei Matt during his classes and try to take away tips for home. When my son eventually earns promotions he will have so much pride because it will represent his hard work.

Dianne Riedl

This has been the best experience for my Grandson Rowan. He loves it and has become more confident in every aspect of his life. They love the kids here. Thank you

Ivona Walker

I've been so pleased and impressed by Crabapple Martial Arts Academy. It is my son's first Karate experience and he has quickly learned discipline and valuable karate skills. The instructors are great with kids! Highly recommend!

Eden Hancock

Both if my girls attend Crabapple Martial Arts and both love it! They are very professional and do a great job teaching discipline and confidence in a fun and engaging manner. I highly recommend.

Nadia Jones

This school is worth it. My two boys have benefited in different ways since we started last year. One has gained confidence, leadership skills, and a desire to learn Japanese, while the other has improved his focus and body control. I love that the instructors teach real life lessons about respect, manners, and leadership, especially in world that seems to has lost touch with some of those concepts.