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Crabapple Martial Arts Academy Martial Arts Summer Camps In Alpharetta, GA Are The Answer To Keeping Your Kids Entertained and Fit!

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Let Crabapple Martial Arts Academy Help You Create The Best SUMMER Experience That You’ve Ever Had For Your Child!

When it comes to a Karate Kids Summer Camp in Alpharetta, GA, your children have selected the perfect karate facility. Your child may know many of our summer camp karate attendees. From family, friends, neighbors and classmates or just making new friends at tis years camp you are going to love it!

As summer builds so the does the karate kids anticipation of the fun we will have. When the BIG SUMMER DAY finally arrives and everyone shows up in droves, they’ll find their summer fun hopes and expectations of an exciting KARATE KIDS summer camp ready to start.

Karate Kids games, spectacular Martial Arts moves – much like they’ve seen in cartoons and movies, lots of laughs, and a memorable good time for all.

Safe Positive Environment

Fun For All Karate Kids

Less Stress For You Parents!







At KarateBuilt Martial Arts Academy dates and times fill up fast for all Summer Camps for Kids because they’re always a hit with the kids and parents.

Your kids won’t complain about being bored when they attend one of our Karate Kids Summer Camps. They will be too busy having fun with all of the activities. There is no down time and they will be in a safe and supervised environment.


Dates book up quickly!

School will be out soon. If you are looking for a safe and fun camp for your child, we have the solution for you.

Fun For Kids – Easy for Parents! 

What Our Parents Are Saying

See What Our Parents in Alpharetta, GA Say About Our Programs

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Karate Kids

J Jones

Well, If you ever wanted to have family members that helped teach your kids self awareness, responsibility, obedience, self respect, and self discipline...than this is the place for you! Renchi has created an amazing environment made up of families, instructors, and young leadership. Senseis Robert and Hunter are fantastic instructors, who impart daily wisdom and knowledge! Jayden, Lukas, Ashwika & Zach are phenomenal black belt teachers. And Megan is always the warm & friendly face that welcomes you every time that you arrive. All I can say is that I'm extremely grateful/thankful that my son is a part of this growing and learning community!!! He is learning to work towards goals and also how to achieve them! Thank you Renchi and Crabapple Martial Arts Academy, for welcoming us into your family!

Every Kid Is A Winner And Every Kid Is Special At Crabapple Martial Arts Academy

This Summer Kick off the season with a Karate Kid Summer Camp that teaches quality life skills, respect and so much more. This is more than kicking and punching, this a PURE FUN with Life changing Life Skill to last a lifetime.

Demo Team Skits – you don’t have to know karate to take camp

Quality Life Skills – respect, courtesy, integrity, self-control

Karate Kid Games – karate games, activities and more

Pure Fun – so exciting kids come back year after year

Learning Environment – teaching karate safe defense

Summer Camps At Crabapple Martial Arts Academy!

We have a variety of options for kids at KarateBuilt Martial Arts! Call (770) 645-0930 to talk with an instructor and find out the best options for your child.

Summer camp at KarateBuilt Martial Arts is designed to make your child finish the summer with rock solid confidence for better grades this school year, greater discipline so they will be more successful in everything they do in the future, and of course, learn safety and build fitness… it makes the summer count!

…plus they’ll have the most fun they every had in the summer!

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This will be a Summer Camp that your child and their friends will be talking about for years to come.